OCCA, SAFHE Mini Symposium – 2016

“Extending the Dialogue” words and images by: Gingi Khoza


This is what you missed out on from our 2016, OCCA/SAFHE Mini Symposium on the 25th of May. By all accounts it seems as if it was a great success due to the presenters and growing attendance! Professional delegates will benefit from this event by submitting their ECSA membership number to receive CPD Points.

OCCA/SAFHE 2016 Mini Symposium guest speakers from left to right: Carl Havemann, Karl-Heinz Rohde, Coralie van Reenen and Mthuthezeli Zamxaka South African Federation of Hospital Engineers (SAFHE) partnered with The Oil and Colour Chemists’ Association to further the development of the science and technology of the coating Industries and to facilitate the interchange of information and ideas thereon. SAFHE has as some of its objectives: To promote and develop in the healthcare field: All aspects of design, engineering and technology, including construction, commissioningand maintenance of buildings, plant, equipment, machinery and apparatus.



“Acoustic consideration for hygienic finishing’s” being presented by Coralie van Reenen Under the same umbrella, the event’s main objectives were to educate the coatings industry as to the needs of the sterile environment users and educate the users as to the capabilities of modern coatings. According to the feedback from the symposium the event did not disappoint. The presentation line-up was informative, interactive and exciting. We can conclude that anyone wishing to assure continuous quality improvement in hospitals needs to take into account the “unknown factors”. These factors could include:

  1. Hygienic Coatings
  2. Hospitals: the Finishing Touches
  3. The Challenges of Maintaining Surfaces in the Healthcare Environment
  4. Nanotechnology and Disease Prevention
  5. A Typical Corrosion Specification for a Nuclear Facility
  6. Acoustic Consideration for Hygienic Finishes

Karl-Heinz Rohde in conversation with Prof Adriano G Duse

Christo Gouws delivering his presentation


Future Topics

Nanotechnology: Water Purification with Nanotechnology, Innovation for paint, mechanical, electric etc. Environmental topics on hospitals: Safety (OSHACT), paint and adhesives. Implementing jobs: From Maintenance and Engineering Construction, in a project scenario.