Local Engineer Receives International Award for COVID 19 Work

Lance Roy is a design Engineer at Abraham Isaac & Associate Engineers, a Mechanical Engineering & Health Consultancy, based in Durban North. Lance is currently working on a Ph.D. on A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), in the Operating Theater Environment. His mainstream work is the design of HVAC, Medical Gasses, and Control Systems, for specialised hospital units, like Theater Complexes, Intensive Care Units and Commercial Buildings. His work on COVID Wards and Airborne Infectious

Isolation Rooms (AIIRS), earned him a prestigious international award from the International Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Society (IEOM).

His passion for technology and engineering is the driving force behind the research into AI, and its application in the operating theater environment. When asked to summarise his work on AI, Lance says: "Suggestive diagnosis and the computing power of IoT and processors combined with decision logic, will be used to aid the human resource component of Healthcare". Abraham & Isaacs have partnered with both private and public sector investors to make this a reality. His current research involves the improvement of anaesthetic machines, and the integration of this technology to achieve a suggestive diagnosis.

When asked about the award, Lance says that he is grateful to his family for their support and prayers, while he completed his master's degree with the University of Johannesburg, and says that he owes a lot to the dedication of his parents. The award was an offshoot of his work during COVID, as well as research and design work over 5 years on hospital isolation rooms throughout the country. Lance is very excited about his current work, and completing his Ph.D. and says that a direct benefactor of his work will be the end-users of anaesthetic machines, and patients undergoing surgery. He jokes about the fact that his wife, Dr Stephanie Roy, is also one of the benefactors being an anaesthesiologist registrar herself, but operating under the main title of "mommy" to their 3 year old son, Alexander. "Alex and Steph are my inspiration, and take every opportunity to comment and interfere with my equipment" he jokingly remarks.