Engineering Council of South Africa - 5th term Council Meeting

The Engineering Council of South Africa‘s 5th term Council held its scheduled meeting on Thursday, 18 May 2017. ECSA continues to develop policies and standards for various areas of its regulatory environment. During the meeting, Council ratified a number of governance related policies in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency, and these policies will be uploaded on the ECSA website.


Subsequent to inputs and robust deliberations by different Council members, the following policies or business support enablers were ratified by Council:

Policy Development and Standards Generation Committee (PDSG)
Sub-discipline Specific Training Guidelines for Fire Protection System Practitioners – R-05-FPSP-SC.
  • This document is a Discipline Specific Training Guideline (DSTG) for Fire Practitioners.
Policy on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).
  • ‍This document is the Council’s first document aligning for the requirements of Recognition of Prior Learning policy to guide ECSA in term of RPL.
Academy Framework and Policy for Training Academies.
  • ‍These documents outline the new Training Academy concept and provide guidance for Training Academies.
Policy on Accreditation of Engineering Programmes Meeting Stage 1 Requirement (E-1—P).
  • ‍This approved policy is for minor changes to the accreditation terminology and meeting arrangements.
Amendment of Document(R-01-P), Policy on Registration of Persons in Professional Categories.
  • ‍This approved policy is to align the old policy with the new registration model.
Request for Discounted Fees for Registration in the Specified categories for Fire Protection Systems Practitioners and Civil Laboratory Technical Controllers and all new Specified categories launched.
  • ‍This document was approved to request discounted fees for new Specified categories that are opened for specific areas of engineering as may be required or requested.
ECSA‘s to host the International Engineering Alliance Meeting (IEAM) 2020.
  • ‍This was to get Council approval to host the IEAM in 2020 as one of signatories to three accords and three agreements.
Audit, Risk and Compliance (ARC) Committee
  • ‍Revision of the Delegation of Authority (DOA)
Finance and Staff Committee
  • ‍Refund on ECSA Appeal Fees, Section 24 and 33 – In terms of this policy, the appellant will be refunded for all cases successfully reviewed.
  • ‍Proposed Amendment to the Travel Policy – All officials and Council members will fly economy for both local and international trips except the identified officials


Council noted and acknowledged that both the Voluntary Associations and CPD Frameworks have been gazetted as per the Council approval during its sitting of Thursday, 16 March 2017. The gazetted rules will provide guidelines on the recognition of the Voluntary Associations and the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) process.

This initiative will undoubtedly bring about heightened efficiencies and effectiveness in the execution of ECSA’s legislative mandate and its corporate strategy.


Transformation is a process and not an event. Through relentless determination, ECSA will endeavour to successfully drive the implementation of transformation within the engineering sector to create opportunities for suitably qualified and experienced practitioners from previously disadvantaged majority.


Through our accelerated Stakeholder Engagement Programme, we are confident that a collective contribution by all role players in the industry will ensure a vibrant, transformed, competent and internationally recognised engineering profession.