COVID-19 & South Africans-A Message from the SAFHE President

Dear SAFHE Members

The first and most important thing I want you to always keep in mind is that in order for the lockdown

that was announced by the President to succeed we have to minimize contact and movement.

We are in a period in our history when we as members of the healthcare fraternity are going to be

challenged in being of service to our neighbours. The President of our country has declared a

Lockdown and with this directive he appealed to the nations to stay home and exercise social

distancing to try and stem the spread of the Coronavirus in our country and ultimately in the world.

Our fellow Healthcare colleagues are working hard to produce vaccines and it will be our duty to be

innovative in looking at solutions when designing and maintaining healthcare infrastructure.

To this end I am also appealing to all our members to work together as a federation in sharing solutions

and expertise to help us as a nation to get through this trying period in our countries history.

To those of us who are classified as Essential works and being exposed to the virus my appeal to you is

to be safe and wear the necessary PPE.

To those providing interim infrastructure solutions I would also like to appeal to you to not see this as an

opportunity to fill coffers but as an opportunity to provide solutions for our continued existence.

Finally I want to emphasize that the aim of the exercise is to stop the virus spreading, only travel when it

is absolutely necessary. Do not look for a reason to buck the system in order for you to get around. This

is a very serious matter and it is going to require of all of us to put shoulder to wheel. Stay calm and

use sound logical judgement when making decisions and always keep in mind the absolute

objective of the Lock down decision: to minimize movement and so stop the spread of the virus.

We will need your expertise and skills once we have overcome the pandemic.

Your SAFHE President

Kevin D Poggenpoel